TUESDAY – FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced plans to repeal net neutrality on December 14.

Net neutrality prohibits Internet providers from throttling bandwidth or charging consumers more for “premium” websites.

Why we need net neutrality

Think of the Internet as an ocean. Right now you can swim about freely wherever you like. Disposing of net neutrality would turn this ocean into a network of small streams overseen by a small number of entities that not only get to decide where you swim, but if you get to swim at all.

This is not a 21st century issue. Giving Internet service providers the power to limit or block information shared is a direct violation of the First Amendment.

The Internet is an apolitical free market. Giving control of this world to a small group of major communications companies would provide them with a no-rules platform giving them the power to virtually eliminate competition as a business and curate political propaganda in their image. Control of all content means control of all information, including the news and opinion. Does anyone in Washington actually think this is the direction we want to go?

We would never allow the stock market to be controlled by a small handful of companies, so why would we allow this to happen to the information sector?

The Internet has revolutionized culture across the globe. It is thanks to the freedom of this medium that an individual can now communicate with those on the opposite side of the planet, literally and figuratively breaking down barriers created by government.

What can we do?

Contact your local representative and tell them you demand net neutrality. You can find their contact information here.

You can also contact Ajit Pai directly at Ajit.Pai@fcc.gov, as well as other FCC contacts here.

Contrary to urban legend, neither Al Gore or service providers invented the Internet. Both Washington and Internet providers are here to serve us, we do not owe them a thing.